Benefits of becoming a Porcelain Quickbit® reseller

Gain a new

revenue stream

Attract new customers

Repeat business

For inquiries, please fill out this form or call us at (800) 693-6880

Standard Pack

-Minimum Order: 1,000 Pieces

Whats Included:

- Solid blue sleeves


- Measurement on the front

For orders under 3,000 pieces, bits come in blank, blue sleeves with the measurement on the front.

Pro Pack

-Minimum Order: 3,000 Pieces

Whats Included:


- Privately label the Porcelain Quickbit® with your own logo on each sleeve

- Choose the color of your sleeve

- Measurement on the front

- Help with logo design, if needed

For orders 3,000 pieces or more, bits come in sleeves with your own logo and color choice.

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