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Designed for handling and moving plate glass safely and easily, these dollies are made of hardwood stock with a 1 1/2" groove in the center to handle single, multiple and insulated glass panels. There are felt pads inserted near each end to cushion the load. Balance style arrangements of ball-bearing and swivel 3" caster and 5" center wheels on 5/8" steel axles will turn its own length. All wheels have solid rubber tires. Available in 3, 5, and six feet lengths.

Glass Dolly

    EZ Drill Bit 3 16 group.jpg

    3/16" Porcelain Quickbit

    EZ Drill Bit quarter group.jpg

    1/4" Porcelain Quickbit

    1/4" Porcelain Quickbit

    EZ Drill Bit 5 Sixteenths.jpg

    5/16" Porcelain Quickbit

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