The Baldwin Finger Grip Machine is the first introduced to the glass industry over 55 years ago. A rugged constructed product allows for years of maintenance-free use. An adjustable screw sets the depth and length of the fingertip. The simplicity of the machine makes it very easy to use. Just lift the wheel, slide the glass under, lower the wheel and gently touch the glass. The machine will automatically cut a beautiful finger grip in minutes.

Finger Grip Machine

  • Fully automatic
  • Cuts smooth finger pulls in minutes 
  • 14" x 5/8" silicone carbide wheel included 
  • 1/2 hp motor
EZ Drill Bit 3 16 group.jpg

3/16" Porcelain Quickbit

EZ Drill Bit quarter group.jpg

1/4" Porcelain Quickbit

1/4" Porcelain Quickbit

EZ Drill Bit 5 Sixteenths.jpg

5/16" Porcelain Quickbit